Signed English is a system of signing that matches a sign with each spoken English word. Following the same grammar as English, it was developed for language development.

Signed English uses some Auslan signs.

For Signed English, you sign every word. You can use Signed English with speech or without.

Our Signed English courses are delivered in public schedules, dedicated or customised.


English: The boy sat on the chair

Signed English: The boy sat on the chair

Key Word Sign was formerly Makaton.

Key Word Sign is a signing system used by hearing people who have Complex Communication Needs (CCN) and borrows only the signs from Auslan.

It is not a language but rather one of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) modes.

Key Word Sign used with speech enhances understanding and communication.  Using between 2 to 3 signs per sentence.

In Key Word Sign you speak at the same time as signing.

Our Key Word Sign courses are delivered in both public schedules, dedicated or customised.

English: The boy sat on the chair
Key Word Sign: The boy sat on the chair

Key Word Sign for Beginners

At this workshop participants will learn the history behind Key Word Sign and why the switch was made from Makaton to Key Word Sign. Key Word Sign is not a language, as it doesn’t have its own grammar and syntax. Participants will learn over 100 signs in this workshop including sign techniques, numbers and alphabet.

During this workshop, participants will learn new skills, knowledge and build confidence in producing each sign. Key Word Sign used with spoken language enhances understanding and communication for people with receptive and expressive communication difficulties.

Participants who have previously attended a Visual Communication Consultants Key Word Sign Workshop in the past 6 months and have not used it are encouraged to attend this workshop as a refresher course. Only participants who have previously attended ‘Visual Communication Consultants Key Word Sign Beginner’s Workshop’ will be eligible for future Visual Communication Consultants Workshops.

Participants will receive a resource package, which includes a hard copy of signs, presentation notes and reference material.

Key Word Sign Beginners Workshop can be delivered in both a Public Scheduled Workshop and a Dedicated Workshop.


Do you work in a primary school, kindy or pre-primary class?

Are you a teacher or an education assistant?

Do you work with students that have minimal to severe expressive or receptive communication difficulties?

Have you previously participated in a Visual Communication Consultants – Key Word Sign for Beginners Workshop?

Well, this workshop is for you. Early Education Workshops are for anyone who works with children who have expressive and or receptive communication difficulties. Did you know that Key Word Sign, used in Early Education with students with minimal to severe communication disabilities and their peers, establishes positive friendships.

Signs are carefully chosen to support children in these very important early years.

Each participant will learn signs specific to Early Education both inside and outside the classroom.

Participants will receive hard copies of over 100 signs specific to early education. Participants will learn how to sign popular Nursery Rhymes, stories and action songs.

The Early Education Workshop is offered in both a  Customised and  a Dedicated Workshop.


Key Word Sign customised courses are delivered one on one or in small groups.

There are many people with disabilities preparing or are already living independently in our community. These people may or may not already know how to communicate using ‘Key Word Sign’.

People living with communication difficulties and disabilities are at higher risk of depression and mental health illness due to not being able to communicate their needs.

These people may be able to communicate using Key Word Sign but their support workers, respite carers don’t. This is very limiting and frustrating for the person with limited communication skills.

This customised training will teach parents, carers, guardians or individuals with disability themselves Key Word Signs and how to use it daily to enhance and support communication. Michelle will work closely with families to customise a block of training that is specific to meeting everyone’s communication needs.

Our customised training option is a preferred way to learn for families as it can be delivered in your own home or at a place that is familiar to you.

Participants will learn signs specific to their lives whilst teaching people that work and live with them. This includes but is not limited to living alone, paying bills, making an appointment, making a shopping list, public transport, following timetables, baby signs etc

Participants will also learn other Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) modes.

This training is delivered as a Dedicated Workshop.


What our Clients are saying ..

Five star rating icon

Julia S


An excellent starting place if you want to learn more about sign.

Five star rating icon

Cathy Thomas


So much ‘fun’ in learning.

Thank you.

Five star rating icon

Demeka W


Very informative, learnt heaps, had heaps of fun, can’t wait to attend another workshop presented by Michelle.

Five star rating icon

Kristy S


Thank you for today’s workshop, Michelle!

I can’t wait to go home and practice with my daughter. I loved your relaxed and fun teaching style.

I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time.

Five star rating icon

Tracey D


Presenter was motivational, enthusiastic and supportive, thank you.

Five star rating icon

Marg S


Best workshop I’ve been to.

Well done Michelle!

Five star rating icon

Kelly C


Very informative and fun day, included lots of hands-on activities and great resources to take home and continue to practise with.

Five star rating icon

Tahlia E

Northampton D.H.S

Awesome Workshop!

Before attending this workshop, I was very nervous about learning how to key sign. Michelle, made me feel comfortable straight away.

She provided very precise feedback when making the signs and continued at a comfortable pace. The workshop was highly engaging and I am now excited to go back to school to share what I learnt at the workshop with my colleagues.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone especially those who may feel anxious/nervous.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your expansive knowledge.

Five star rating icon

Kim A


Very well presented, got a lot out of it, well worth doing.

Communication is so important for all, great to use for those who use non-traditional means of communication.