Communication is the catalyst for friendship

Communication is the sending and receiving of information through symbols, signs or behaviour. Good communication is vital for friendship to thrive increasing our sense of purpose and belonging to provide happiness and reduced stress.

The most used communication form is a combination of verbal and non-verbal expressive communication but not everyone is able to communicate in this way and rely on non-verbal techniques using sign, symbols, and expression.

Visual Communication Consultants, based in Broome with clients across the Kimberley and Pilbara region, is a catalyst for communication where we seek to increase the ability for all to communicate through interpreting, education, and awareness. Over many years of understanding our clients we have witnessed the benefit of friendship to relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, and prevent loneliness and isolation. We have established numerous friendship groups, in an inclusive and safe environment, that uses activities to generate fun and laughter that allow for friendships to flourish.

During the Easter holidays we conducted a trial holiday program which bought together numerous clients of all ages and abilities to participate in some fantastic local activities.

The program was designed to be fun with every opportunity for friendships to blossom. It involved trips to see the local Emergency Services providers, the Army, a Crocodile Farm as well as conducting activities such as swimming, cooking, painting, water slides, shopping, dressing up and going to the cinema. The joy of this program is that it enabled the clients to spend more time with each other more frequently which took their communication to another level so much so, that the staff at Visual Communication Consultants were able to step back and observe the wonder of communication and friendship in full flow.

We run friendship groups weekly and our aim is to run a holiday program in December, April and July of each year in Broome. If you want to volunteer or can offer a facility or service that the program can visit please reach out to us at

Please follow our social media channels so you can see the wonderful smiles and activities in action.

Below are some videos of our April School Holiday Program and our Weekly Friendship Group.