What Is Auslan? (Australian Sign Language)

Australian Sign Language (Auslan) was developed specifically for Australians by Deaf Australians. This manual communication method involves using hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions to communicate an individual’s thoughts and emotions. Although only given its official name in the 1980s, by Trevor Johnston (a leading Australian linguist and expert in sign language), the true origins of Auslan actually date much further back.

Created by Deaf Australians themselves, this unique language aims to help individuals with communication difficulties interact with the people around them in an easy-to-understand way. Changing and evolving over time, as all of our languages do, Auslan has developed a distinct vocabulary that’s as complex as the English language itself.

Auslan Interpreters

Auslan Interpreters facilitate communication between hearing and Deaf people. Fluent in both Auslan and English, all of Visual Communication Consultants’ interpreters are able to interpret from English to Auslan and Auslan to English, depending on what’s required by the situation.

The applications of Auslan Interpreting Services range widely. Interpreters are suitable for many different types of occasions, including:

  • Government PSAs, Public Meetings or Conferences
  • Private Industry Conferences and Events
  • Seminars and Training Sessions
  • Award Ceremonies and Presentations
  • Special Events or Local Public Appearances

Our Interpreting Services are accessible over a variety of mediums. Choose to have your interpreter:

  • In-person/face-to-face in Western Australia
  • Over Zoom
  • Over Skype
  • Over Facetime
  • Or any other video conferencing applications that are suitable.

All Auslan assignments require a 2 hour minimum booking and are charged at the rate of $215 an hour (+GST). A cancellation fee applies when pre-booked interpreters are cancelled within 48 hours of the assignment commencing.

NAATI Certified and NDIS Registered

All of the highly skilled interpreters provided by Visual Communication Consultants come with certifications from the National Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). This nationally recognised authority puts an emphasis on education and development, ensuring candidates have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects involved in Auslan, including abiding by a strict code of ethics.

Visual Communication Consultants is also a registered NDIS provider in Australia, making it easy for you to use your NDIS funding for training and interpreting.


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