Key Word Sign Workshops

Workshop Schedule
Visual Communication Consultants welcomes you to our workshop schedule.
We offer both Public Scheduled Workshops; workshops you attend in a town we choose, a venue we choose, times we choose charged per person anywhere in the state, or a Dedicated Workshop; a workshop that is held in a town you choose, a venue you choose for up to 20 participants. This is charged per group. As we celebrate empowering people who have complex communication needs through teaching them Auslan signs, to enhance their understanding and communicate using Key Word Signs and other modes of Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC) . We would like to share with you, information, knowledge and Auslan signs and take you on a journey in selecting the workshop and program that is right for you.

As Visual Communication Consultants grows and expands, we would like to thank everyone who has participated in our programs and workshops thus far. We hope to continue to engage you, and offer dynamic and exciting programs and workshops. These will inspire, enthuse and challenge you to better communicate using Key Word Sign.

We have loved every moment of our journey so far, and look forward to again offering you our programs and workshops that provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication for people of all ages with receptive and expressive communication difficulties.

We hope you enjoy the programs and workshops we have planned for 2016. We also hope we can offer you an Auslan Interpreter if this is where your needs are. Contact us to find out more about our Accredited Auslan Interpreter.






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