Parent Training Customised

Key Word Sign customised courses are delivered one on one or in small groups.

There are many people with disabilities preparing or are already living independently in our community. These people may or may not already know how to communicate using ‘Key Word Sign’. People living with communication difficulties and disabilities are at higher risk of depression and mental health illness due to not being able to communicate their needs. These people may be able to communicate using Key Word Sign but their support workers, respite carers don’t. This is very limiting and frustrating for the person with limited communication skills.

This customised training will teach parents, carers, guardians or individuals with disability themselves Key Word Signs and how to use it daily to enhance and support communication. Michelle will work closely with families to customise a block of training that is specific to meeting everyones communication needs.

Our customised training option is a preferred way to learn for families as it can be delivered in your own home or at a place that is familiar to you.

Participants will learn signs specific to their lives whilst teaching people that work and live with them. This includes but is not limited to living alone, paying bills, making an appointment, making a shopping list, public transport, following timetables, baby signs etc

Participants will also learn other Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC) modes.

This training is delivered in as a Dedicated course.